Heavy Speed ready to paint


Paquete de llantas Scuderia 73 modelo AR

Modelo de rin 5 brazos estilo American racing

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Scuderia 73 Auto wheels pack

Heavy Speed ready to paint

Take to the next level  most of your 1:64 scale cars with Scuderia 73 Auto wheels! Our wheels offer a rubbery feel, engraved on the wheel floor giving excellent tread detail.

In case you only need a tire change with the system of axles and end caps developed by Scuderia 73 now it´s possible to do it without opening the rivets of your cars (see our tutorials and videos for more information).


Each package Includes:

16 wheels with rims (8 large and 8 small)

8 Axles

16 End caps


Small wheel: 10.5 mm diameter approx.

Big wheel: 12.6 mm diameter approx.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 9.25 × 1.9 × 11.8 cm


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