Water Slide Decal Inkjet Paper


With water decal paper Now you can create your own designs or put your favorite images on your cars! Available in white and transparent.

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Now you can create your own designs with your logos or favorite images and put them on your cars! With water decal paper, just print your design, apply varnish, submerge the design in water and you will get the transfer of the design ready to be placed on your cars (do not forget to apply a layer of clear varnish on the final piece to fix it). Available in white and transparent.


Instructions for use:

1 Design or choose the images you want to print with the graphics program of your choice.

2 Program your printer at the highest resolution and print your decal paper on the glossy side of the sheet (let it dry completely we recommend a minimum time of 24 hours).

3 Protect the print apply two layers of clear varnish leaving each layer to dry between them (do not use acrylic varnish) apply by airbrush or spray.

4 With your completely dry sheet, cut the desired logos and /or images that will be applied.

5 Drain a little warm water in a bowl and dip the decals for 40 to 65 seconds.

6 Remove the decal to be applied from the water with small tweezers and remove the paper from the back.

7 Position the decal with the tweezers in the desired area applying light pressure with a piece of absorbent cloth and leave no residue.

8 Apply a layer of clear varnish on the final piece to fix it.


It is important to remember that the printers do not print the white color, this color is the one of the support, if your design has that color or uses many bright colors it is recommended to use white sheet, the transparent sheet is very good for the signs in solid and dark colors

About the application of the varnish is preferable to give a couple of thin layers and let dry completely between each of the layers, keep in mind that the drying time will vary depending on the varnish used but it is essential that it dry completely before moving to the next step.

To cut your stickers we recommend to use sharp scissors or a new razor and rule leaning on a hard and smooth, ideally cut on glass.



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Blanca/White, Transparente/Transparent

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