Welcome and thanks for reaching the pits of Scuderia73

In the last week hunt we found this excellent piece a Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe of the Forza Horizon 4 series by hotwheels, we will share with you ourdetailed proccess as well as a change of our Scuderia73 wheels (version 2.0 of uor wheels)

We love the painting and pad printing of this car so we´ll not make changes to the paint only highlight the details, kepping the original rivets and once finished we´ll return it to its blister.

The first thing we´ll do is destroy a front and a rear wheel to be able to access to the axle and cut it, whit this we will release the tires that the car brings from factory.

Use a side cutter, the wheels have a hole in the back that allows us to insert the tip of the side cutter and make the cut there.

It´s time to cut the axles and don´t worry about them remember that in each scuderia73 wheels pack are included axles and terminals, as well as a guide of use.

Now we have the opportunity to paint the interior of the fender liner wheel in matte black so we´ll accentuate the depth of the cavity, I recommend to use a short flat brush.

And now it is time to place the Scuderia 73 rims we use the AR Racing model.

So we finish this first part and we´ll continue in another post adding details to our shelby cobra  I hope you are enjoying this process as much as we have done. 


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