In this part we continue working on the details of our Shelby, we apply Enamel wash Black in the following lines or divisions:


Hood and front fender

In the frame of the doors

With this wash we can increase the appearance of depth, adding realism and visual impact to our car (a wash is for selected parts of a model to make the areas that should be dark look darker). If you have not used it yet, we recommend you to try it.

As an additional detail we painted the scoop in matt black.

We will add a couple of numbers on the hood and on the back of our car as well as the headlights (all of these will be printed on decal paper).

Then the first thing will do is to paint the area where our decals will go white, for this we mask the car and leave the areas to work free.

There are different qualities and properties of masking tapes, in this case we use Tamiya tape (the yellow one) that offers excellent flexibility and adhesion and to protect the rest of the car we use Tuk tape (blue color).

Now is the time to apply the primer.

And then the white paint.

Let the paint dry and carefully remove the masking tape.

We have our designs on decal paper ready and cut them.

We have part of our decals ready, and we also paint the area of the headlights in white.

With this we finish this second part, we are excited to continue sharing and show you the final result, thanks for following us and see you next time!

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