Final Part

We´re now in the final delivery of the custom process of our Shelby, in this post we´ll finish putting the decals.

For this we recommend to use tweezers to hold the decal as well as compact and sharp scissors for greater control and precision on the cut. 


We also print decals of our AR racing brand that will go in the hood of our car (remember once your design is done you can print our decal sheets on any laser or inkjet printer depending on the paper you buy).

And now we will put the headlights.

We are going to add the last details, we take a brush # 0 and with chrome silver paint we apply on the door of the fuel socket, the exterior handle and in the rear lights.

To finish the taillights we apply clear read paint carefully, trying not to load the paint too much with paint and in this case not to reach the base to get to leave the bezel in silver color that we applied previously.

We finish, it is time to return our Shelby to its packaging prepare white glue and apply, press and let dry.

We will leave it with some paper clips for about an hour and we will wait around 8 hours for it to be hung.

Thank you for joining us in this process, we´ll continue generating content to nurture this fascinating world of custom. What do you think? Leave us your comments and see you next time! .


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