Making a paintjob on a custom over a white body can be challenging, some even consider it one of the most difficult colors to apply, but if you’re decided prepare your airbrush because we have some advice for you.

Choose the right adhesion promoter

If possible, we recommend you choosing a white or gray color. Remember that the adhesion promoter is essential since it allows the paint to adhere better to your car which makes your job durable and provides a base color to work on.

The paint application should be done in thin layers allowing them to dry between each one. In most cases two or three layers are enough.

Take care of the cleanness of your airbrush

It’s important to have a precise and constant flow when applying each layer of background and/or paint, having a clean airbrush will avoid lumps or intermittent performance, as well as color contamination with previously used colors in our airbrush.

Right mix of paint and reducer

Each paint as well as each reducer has its own characteristics, whites, for example, have particles that may clog your airbrush more frequently. Make tests until you get the right viscosity, a suggestion is that this viscosity must be such as milk’s viscosity.

It’s preferable to apply more light layers than a few but dense.

To be clear, apply thin layers giving them time to dry between each one, apply as many layers as you consider necessary and let the last one completely dry before touching it.


What has been the most difficult color you have applied?

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